Cinavia workaround - Review
Cinavia message Code 3 Fix - Does it work

What is Cinavia?

We have witnessed numerous attempts to stop the movie piracy scene and not too many of them have been successful. Nevertheless the DRM protection called Cinavia has successfully made sure certain pirated movies can’t be used. It’s most famously implemented in the Sony Playstation 3 and one of the first movies it was used in was Wolverine. When playing a pirated movie, which Cinavia recognizes as an unofficial release, either the movie stops or the sound gets muted. The most common messages that pops-up on screen are Error message 1 and 3.

No proper solution to Cinavia has been found, until now

There have been a lot of claims of working solutions to the Cinavia error messages, especially for the Playstation 3. If you Google around you’ll find forum threads after forum threads with users saying they’ve found a method to remove the DRM protection. Often it involves changing cables, or switching audio settings. And if you have ever attempted any of those tactics you already know they just don’t work. So now a team called claims that they have uncovered a working solution.


Cinavia PS3 fix review

After trying lots of methods I was skeptical at first, could this website really have the answer? I even tried to contact the team and ask for a review copy, but I couldn’t find a proper email to them. It all sounded very fishy. But as I’ve grown tired of having the annoying Cinavia errors appear and stop my movies I gave it a try.

Once I payed for the product, which went fine - I was transfered to a download page. From there I got a zip which contained a folder with software and a manual. I opened up the manual and found out, this was really big. It contained an introduction about what Cinavia is and how it works. Nothing I couldn’t pick up from Wikipedia, but it was still nice. Then I got to the portion of actually removing Cinavia from my PS3. There I was asked which firmware I was using and I was surprised and very happy to find out that they did support all firmwares. I got the latest one and I know that I can’t downgrade to jailbreak my console, so I was relieved. From there I got a few options on how to solve the Cinavia problem, none of them particularly technical or difficult. Except maybe one of the methods which seemed time consuming to me.

I picked the one which suited me the best and after fiddling around with my console for a few minutes I booted up a Telesync movie which I had downloaded. I knew this movie had have Cinavia errors in the past, so I was excited to see if it really worked. And all I can say is, it did work. I’ve tried four or five movies now, all of them downloaded, and I can confirm it really works.

As the team says, I can’t reveal the actual process of removing Cinavia, because we want to keep this a secret from both Sony and Cinavia. But I can happily confirm that the websites claims are true, if you want to remove Cinavia you can.


The PS3 fix does work and I haven’t had any problems since I bought it. Cons: It is a bit expensive though, I would rather see it go for a bit less money.

Product link: Cinavia PS3 Fix

Additional Info

Cinavia is a digital rights management system created by Verance. It requires two parts to work: a proprietary imperceptible audio watermark, and a piece of hardware which is able to detect that watermark. Known hardware which can detect Cinavia watermarks include the PlayStation 3 (Began With V3.10 System Software), as well as newer Blu-ray players. Cinavia is not detected in a DTS audio stream on PS3 (Must have Optical Out (S/PDIF) or HDMI, w/DTS receiver)

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